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Movement heals the Mind, Body and Soul

Movement + Music + Mindfulness

An exploration of yourself and the space around you. Bringing attention to the present moment while noticing the sounds, vibrations, thoughts, feelings, emotions and more with curiosity and non-judgement. 

Using movement and music to connect with your body and listen to how it wants to move.

Dancing Mindfulness Experiences

Excited to announce new opportunities to experience Dancing Mindfulness online and in person!

*I am fully vaccinated against Covid-19

Online through Zoom

Now available to book private online Zoom sessions for one on one and group classes.

Work with me with a specially curated, 45 minutes playlist, surrounding a topic of your choosing. 

Total session time = 1 hour

In Person Sessions

Excited to start offering in person sessions for one on one and group classes in the Bay Area and surrounding cities. 

I come to you at a location of your choosing, and work with a specially curated playlist.

Total session time = 1 hour



Planning a workshops or retreat? 

Whether it's personal or professional, everyone can benefit from moving and connecting with their bodies. Moving to a specially curated playlist focused on a theme of your choosing.

Total session time = 1 hour


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